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Terps Chiller 2.0

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Keep your hash cold! Introducing the portable TERPS CHILLER 2.0. Completely redesigned! You asked for it to fit larger jars, we listened! Keeps your concentrates fresh with internal temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless if you are at home or on the go.

Advanced Cooling Technology: The Terps Chiller 2.0 is equipped with advanced cooling technology to maintain the perfect temperature for your concentrates. Its precise temperature control ensures that your extracts stay cool without the risk of degradation, preserving their flavor and potency.

Compact and Portable: Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the Terps Chiller 2.0 is compact and portable, making it perfect for home use or on-the-go. Its sleek and streamlined design allows you to take your concentrates with you wherever you roam, ensuring that you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Terps Chiller 2.0 is built to withstand the demands of daily use. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing reliable storage for your concentrates day in and day out.

Key Features:

  • Built in carry handle

  • Interior capacity for 20 one gram jars or 2 baller jars 4 one gram jars

  • 2 level divider tray

  • Rechargeable batteries(5-8+ hours)

  • 12v wall charger

  • USB travel charger


Exterior: 9.75" x 7" x 4.25"

Interior: 7.25" x 3" x 2.6"