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Cream Classic Orb Amulet

Cream Classic Orb Amulet

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Amulets for you orbs! No more needing to carry your coveted mib in your pocket, leaving it prone to damage and scratches against keys. Or even worse, at home where no community can be bonded with it. Marbles not included.

Each comes in custom packaging with instructions on proper usage for longevity.


Make sure to rotate your marble within some calipers to find the widest section and use that as your size, some marbles as they are made by hand vary ever so slightly from one axis to another. If you're right on a .9 (27.9 for instance) you've got 2 choices, use that as your max for a solid fit, or choose that as your minimum for a little more jiggle and clicking. If you prefer extra jiggle and click, simple choose one size down, your marble will still be secure.

These are designed for smooth spherical marbles (99.9% of glass marbles), and are not recommended for faceted marbles, or marbles with grooved surfaces. Choose from 9 different sizes ranging from 19.9mm diameter marbles to 28.9mm diameter marbles.

Grab yours today to show off and play with your favorite marbles like you've never been able to before.