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Boro Buddy Magnetic Cleaner
Boro Buddy Magnetic Cleaner

Boro Buddy Magnetic Cleaner

Boro Buddy
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🧲 Introducing the BoroBuddy Magnetic Cleaner, the perfect solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your water pipe! Designed by SnowTree, with its compact size, it's the perfect tool for reaching those hard-to-reach areas that larger cleaners can't reach 

✨ The BoroBuddy is a highly effective cleaning tool that removes resin, biofilm, and other harmful materials that can build up in your water pipe. Its strong magnetic force allows it to attach to the inside of your pipe, pulling away dirt and grime with ease. It works on all types of water pipes, including glass, acrylic, and silicone, and is safe to use on all surfaces.

🧼 This product is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. Its compact size makes it easy to store and carry with you wherever you go. It is also very easy to use - simply insert the BoroBuddy into your water pipe, let it attract to the wall and begin scrubbing! Your water pipe will be left looking and smelling fresh and clean.

🫧 The BoroBuddy Magnetic Cleaner is a must-have accessory for any water pipe owner. It is an effective and affordable way to maintain the cleanliness of your water pipe and ensure that you always get the smoothest and most flavorful smoking experience.


🔵 Your BoroBuddy is built to last! The kit comes with enough disposable cleaning pads for 20+ cleans! After those eventually run out, only the cleaning pads need to be replaced! 


One (1) BoroBuddy™ Handle.

One (1) Bar Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)

One (1) Circular Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)

Ten (10) BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Bar)

Ten (10) BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Cylinder)

(20 BoroBuddy™ cleaning pads in total is estimated 20 cleans!)